There are many great organizations in the Olympia area doing great work serving our community. Come on out on Saturday August 18 and check them out!




We love seeing dynamic, interactive booths at LOL Fest. It will do so much more to engage the festival attendees if you are doing more than having just an info booth. If your organization needs some help brainstorming possibilities for this please contact us. You can sign up for 2018 by filling out this application now. 




There is also a possibility that your organization could be asked to fill a between bands 3 minute speaking slot to help spread your message. Send me your contact name, phone number (and best times to call) organization name, proposal of participation and a very brief why/what you would like to convey if your group was to fill a speaking slot. 


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10’ x 10” booths for approved non-profits are only $30.00.  


Booths spaces are 10’ x 10’ to accommodate a standard pop-up tent.


Tents are not required but highly recommended as shade structures since we will be in the street. Tent legs must be weighted.


Hands-On demonstrations and creative colorful displays are highly encouraged!


Booths can be shared but all participants must apply.


Send inquires to